The security of websites depends on its owner. Small website owners (individuals, clubs, freelancer, SME) provide the bulk of websites on the Internet, but often neglect the security aspect of ther sites. They use cheap software systems plagued by security vulnerabilities to manage their websites. Operators of fraudulent online shops (fake shops) exploit these vulnerabilities by inconspicuously redirecting visitors of renowned websites to their fake shop. There they trick visitors into pre-paying for products the vistors will never receive. Oftentimes the owners of the "victim-websites" do not recognize that their sites have been hacked due to insufficient knowledge of the issues and how to detect them. Many websites are affected by such hacks and millions of German citizens have become victims of fake shops.

The goal of the project is to crawl the German-speaking Internet and identifiy hacked websites through methods methods artificial intelligence in an automated fashion. Additionally, measures will be developed that allow informing owners of affected websites, mitigate the damage to the websites, and reduce the risk of further successful attacks.

Project website

Funding body: BMBF

Partners: mindUp Web + Intelligence GmbH, BDO AG

Funding period: 01.06.2020 - 31.11.2023

Contact: Anne Hennig, Peter Mayer, Melanie Volkamer