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KIT Campus Süd
Kollegiengebäude am Kronenplatz (Geb. 05.20)
Kaiserstr. 89
76133 Karlsruhe


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Dienstag, 01. Okt 2019
E-Vote-ID 2019
Sonntag, 03. Nov 2019
Dagstuhl Seminar: Biggest Failures in Security

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Sonntag, 11. Aug 2019
SOUPS 2019
Montag, 26. Aug 2019
ARES 2019
Montag, 02. Sep 2019

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Karlsruher IT-Sicherheitsinitiative

Lukas Aldag, M.Sc.

Lukas Aldag, M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Raum: 3A-26.2
CS 05.20

Tel.: +49 721 608-46108
lukas aldagFgv6∂kit edu


PGP-Key: Key
Fingerprint: 4E00 41A1 2D91 3F33 9186 BE8B 9552 48C4 6487 0E05

S/MIME-Certificate: Certificate

Curriculum Vitae

Lukas Aldag works a scientific researcher in the SECUSO Research Group of Pro. Dr. Melanie Volkamer since February 2019. Before that, he graduated in Psychology - Human Factor Engineering – at the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands.

Since March 2019 he is part of the KASTEL, with the goal to research security concepts and awareness approaches in the context of energy providers, and GHOST which aims to develop a user-centered solution for controlling privacy in smart home environments.

Research Interests

  • Human-Factor
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Usability
  • Security and Privacy

Scientific Services