Privacy Friendly Checkers App

The android application Privacy Friendly Dame is a strategy board game for two players. The objective of the game is to either capture all opposing game pieces by jumping over them or by creating a situation in which the opponent cannot make a move anymore due to being blocked.

The app features two game modes: one game mode allows playing versus a computer-controlled opponent and the second game mode is for two human-controlled players using the same device. The game board consists of 8x8 squares and each player starts with 12 game pieces. The white player begins and then both players alternate taking turns. Furthermore, color-highlighting is used to graphically emphasize which moves are allowed to be made and the interface displays which game pieces have already been captured so the game progress can be tracked more easily. Additionally, the app automatically saves the last game status so it is possible to resume a previously started game at a later time.

How does Privacy Friendly Dame differ from other similar apps?

1. No permissions 
Privacy Friendly Dame does not require any permissions.
2. No advertisement
Moreover, Privacy Friendly Dame completely relinquishes advertisement. Many other apps in the Google Play Store display advertisement and therefore might violate the user’s privacy, shorten battery life or use mobile data.

Download the app

We offer several ways to download the app:

Official Google Play Store (Feel free to provide feedback, see contact. We would be pleased to receive a positive rating if you like the app )
F-Droid Store (The F-Droid Store is an open source software store where you can download the APK-file of the app.).
If you are interested in the development of apps or the source code, you can find it at GitHub(