NoPhish - Online-Game "Phishing Master"

Game Idea:

The user learns in a playful way to read Website-URLs correctly and to recognize dangerous links and attachments. For this reason "Phishing Master" belongs to the serious games, because the learning game combines important educational contents with entertaining elements. After a short introduction to the rules and usability the shootng-game starts: You are in an office and messages are displayed on the monitor and you have to examine, if they are genuine. You can shoot either at the suspicious message itself or at a "Legitim"-field for a non-dangerous one. The system gives feedback after every shot about the correctness of the decision. At the end of a game-cycle you will be informed about the number of points achieved and you can add your score to the leaderboard directly from the game. Subsequently, you will receive reasons for all tasks, regardless of the individual decision. Therefore, in addition to the wrong and not made decisions you can also view and understand the right ones. Sound noises and optical effects also accompany the game. Furthermore, it works with both a game controller and a simple mouse, whre you can zoom with a right click and shoot with a left click.

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General information on phishing can be found on the NoPhish Conzept Page.

Background to the development of the game "Phishing Master":

The game development was done as part of an internship in our SECUSO research group by the two students Tobias Länge und Philipp Matheis. Dr. Peter Mayer accompanied the work of the two students . The work is supervised as part of the digilog∂bw project, which is financed by MWK.