Guests in 2020

December 2020


Dr. Martin Adam (TU Darmstadt)

Dr. Martin Adam presented his chair work on digital nudging, focusing on how to design digital choice environments dealing with online privacy and security issues.

Dr.-Ing. Niklas Kühl (Karlsruher Institute of Technology)

Dr.-Ing. Niklas Kühl described key challenges and potential solutions when dealing with AI in inter- and intraorganisational settings.


November 2020


Sasha Hombach & Benjamin Bachmann (EXXETA)

Sasha Hombach and Benjamin Bachmann presented their work on how to create a better security culture in a business.

Prof. Dr. Andres Marin Lopez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Dr. Marin Lopez presented his research in techniques to defend against IDN abuse in phishing and a proposed a practical approach to resolve this issue using an optical character recognition tool in cooperation with a list of the most popular websites.


October 2020

Prof. Dr. Karen Renaud (Abertay University)

Dr Renaud presented her research on children cybersecurity education and proposed several approaches to enhance it.

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Teague (Australian National University)

Prof. Teague presented her reasearch on Risk Limiting audits and their extension from the US-style plurality elections to complex social choice functions such as D’Hondt and preferential voting systems.

Dirk Müllman (Karlsruher Institute of Technology)

Dirk Müllman presented his research on the GDPR in relation with two aspects: first, the labor law consequences of complying with mandatory information security incidents reporting, and second admissibility of protection techniques in work emails.


September 2020

Robbie MacGregor (Dalhousie University)

Robie MacGregor presented his master thesis on "User Comprehension of Password Reuse Risks and Mitigations in Password Managers".


July 2020

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Teague (Australian National University)

Prof. Teague presented her analysis of the Scytl/SwissPost e-voting solution and its cryptographic failures.

Dr. Oksana Kulyk (IT University of Copenaghen)

Dr. Kulyk presented her research on Internet-Of-Things trust factors and users' attitude.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Böhme (University of Innsbruck)

Prof. Böhme presented his paper  "Multiple Purpose, Multiple Problems: A User Study of Consent Dialogs after GDPR".


June 2020

Dr. Sanchari Das (Indiana University Bloomington)

Dr. Das presented her research on user risk mental models, and proposed a risk-reduction-based incentivization model for the users to make effective decisions towards their online identity protection.


May 2020

Dr. Patricia Arias Cabarcos (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Dr. Arias Cabarcos presented her research on the usability of password managers on smartphones.

Dr. Ulrich Gnewuch (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Dr. Gnewuch presented his doctoral dissertation project in which he examines how and why specific design features of chatbots serve as social cues in human-chatbot interaction.


April 2020

Jan Grashöfer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Jan Grashöfer presented his, Matthias Grundmann and Florian Jacob work on “Emoji-fire”, a tool to ease the reading of Zeek connection logs.


January 2020

Prof. Dr. Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Prof. Landesberger von Antburg  motivated the need for gaining insights from data and presented the main challenges of this journey. She also presented approaches to visualise data.

Borce Stojkovski (Université du Luxemburg)

Borce Stojkovski presented a study design to test various settings with respect to their effectiveness in enabling users to use E2E email security.