NoPhish Quiz - Online Quiz for the detection of phishing and dangerous messages

Internet scammers use various strategies to harm you and/or your business. One popular and widespread method is to send you messages with dangerous content. The messages can be dangerous in different ways. The message may ask you to make money transfers, make (chargeable) calls or the message may contain dangerous links and/or dangerous attachments. Messages can be sent in the form of e-mails, but they can also be sent via any other form of message. In the case of dangerous links in e-mails, they are often referred to as phishing e-mails.

The Quiz

With the NoPhish Quiz, slightly modified contents of the NoPhish Challenge posters are presented to you in an interactive and playful way. The Quiz has the format of a short self-test and serves both to raise awareness and to motivate people to engage with the topic of "fraudulent messages" and to acquire basic knowledge.

To the Quiz (currently only available in german)

General information about phising can be found on the NoPhish concept page.