Research Group Security • Usability • Society (SECUSO)

Research Group Security • Usability • Society (SECUSO)

The research group SECUSO

The research group SECUSO belongs to the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The group was founded in 2011 by Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer at the TU Darmstadt. SECUSO moved to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at the beginning of 2018. SECUSO is a member of Kastel and K-CIST.

Paper from SPW published by Springer (24-09-2020)

The paper "Audio CAPTCHA with a few cocktails: it's so noisy I cant hear you" by Benjamin Maximilian Reinheimer, Fairooz Islam and Ilia Shumailov has now been published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science at Springer together with the transcripts of the discussions from the workshop.

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E-Vote-ID Digital Conference Program (24-09-2020)

This year's E-Vote-ID conference will be held digital from Oct 7 to Oct 9. The conference is organized by Robert Krimmer and Melanie Volkamer. Bernhard Beckert from KASTEL is one of the track chairs being in charge in deciding which papers to be accepted and published with Springer.  Special Thanks go to David Duenas-Cid for making the digital conference happen. Registration is open still open.

Interview with Melanie Volkamer and Peter Mayer about the problem of fake online shops (24-09-2020)

Several million German citizen have already become victims of fake online shops. Particularly hard to spot are fake online shops, when otherwise legitimate websites have been hacked to link to the fake shops or even have fake shops embedded in them. Especially for private website providers or small and medium sized businesses it is hard to detect such hacks and repair them. In order to ameliorate this situation, the INSPECTION project which SECUSO is a part of and which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has been conceived. In this project machine learning is combined with effective communication to website providers, in order to support them to repair their website. On the other hand, additional materials will be created to raise awareness among website providers. In the interview with the campus radio (represented by Stefan Fuchs) Melanie Volkamer und Peter Mayer explain the strategies employed by owners of fake shops, how consumers can protect themselves against these strategies, and how the INSPECTION project helps improve the situation. The interview was broadcast on 8 September 2020 and is available online at:

Talk at Cybersecurity Conference 2020 (17-09-2020)

On the 22. and 23.10 this year the Cybersecurity Conference will take place in Mannheim. The aim is to better connect the economy, science and the public. Cyber security has not yet reached the necessary level to make Germany secure, therefore the transfer of knowledge between these partners is especially important. In the context of the conference SECUSO will give a talk on Phishing Awareness and report about our findings regarding the development and implementation of material. 

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