Guests in 2023



Prof. Dr Jurlind Budurushi (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University)

Prof. Dr Jurlin Budurushi discussed his finding on remote voting preferences among the Albanian disapora and showcasing the lack of research in this area.





Prof. Dr Florian Meißner (Hochshule Macromedia)

Prof. Dr Dominik Hermann showed us the scientific contributions and achievements of the project "DigiFit" (Digital Fitness for Citizens) on how cybersecurity is discussed across different audiences and media channels.


Prof. Dr Dominik Hermann (Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg)

Prof. Dr Dominik Hermann talked of his research on the impacct of notification methods, sender identity, and message framing on remediation rates of security and privacy vulnerabilities alert to third parties.





Prof. Dr Sanchari Das (University of Denver)

Prof. Dr Sanchari Das presented her research on the challenges non-WEIRD (Western, Educated, Insustrialised, Rich, Democratic) populations regarding authenication. She also proposed several solutions to these challenges and innovative strategies for a more inclusve approach to authentication.





Florian Moser (ETH Zürich)

Florian Moser presented a talk on how to use short voting codes instead of QR codes to add secure and verifiable End-To-End encryption to Swiss elections using online voting.





Dr. Arianna Rossi (Université du Luxembourg)

Dr. Arianna Rossi presented the results and ongoing research of the project Deceptive Patterns Online (DECEPTICON), which goal is to establish measures against online manipulative designs (i.e., Dark Patterns).