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KIT Campus Süd
Kollegiengebäude am Kronenplatz (Bld. 05.20)
Kaiserstr. 89
76133 Karlsruhe


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Tuesday, 01 Oct 2019
E-Vote-ID 2019
Sunday, 03 Nov 2019
Dagstuhl Seminar: Biggest Failures in Security

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Externe Veranstaltungen
Saturday, 04 May 2019
CHI 2019
Monday, 13 May 2019
WWW 2019
Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Deutscher IT-Sicherheitskongress des BSI

Further Events ...


Karlsruher IT-Sicherheitsinitiative


You can find an overview of the current curriculum here. We also supervise Bachelor's, Master's and Diploma theses. In addition to lectures and seminars, we offer the Privacy Friendly App programming lab. This lab was already offered at the TU Darmstadt. Many Android applications optimized for privacy have been developed during the last years and are available for free download from the Google Play Store and F-Droid.


An overview of past, current and upcoming theses can be found .

Topics for a possible thesis:

  • Identification of Mental Models e.g. in the context of various payment
  • Development and evaluation of a classification system for app permissions
  • Developing and Evaluating Permission Interfaces (MockUps) e.g. for Web Browser Extensions`Installation Process
  • Replication Study: Replication of a previous study from inside or outside the group
  • Graphical passwords on the couch
  • Automatic detection of inscure on the web
  • Analysing and comparing phishing education/awareness videos
  • Analysing and comparing phishing education/awareness poster
  • Evaluation of an existing QR-Code App with focus on phishing detection
  • Comparing secure communication security indicators


A list of past, current and upcoming courses can be found .