This site provides an overview of the current curriculum and theses. In addition to lectures and seminars, we also offer the Privacy Friendly App lab. This lab was already conducted at the TU Darmstadt. Accordingly, there are already a number of Privacy Friendly Android Apps that can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or F-Droid.


An overview of past, current and upcoming theses can be found here.

IMPORTANT: If you want to contact us, only use your KIT e-mail address and read our SECUSO Thesis Guide beforehand.

Current topics for possible theses:

  • Empirical studies in the context of e-voting
  • Identification of Mental Models e.g. in the context of various payment procedures
  • Development and evaluation of a classification system for app permissions
  • Developing and Evaluating Permission Interfaces (MockUps) e.g. for the Web Browser Extension Installation Process
  • Replication Study: Replication of a previous study conducted within or outside the group
  • Analysing and comparing phishing education/awareness poster


A list of past, current and upcoming courses can be found here.

An overview on how Industrial Engineering students can credit our courses in their course plan can be found here.

KASTEL Certificate
Information about the KASTEL certificate can be found here. Information on how to get qualified for the KASTEL certificate: