Nomination for the innovation award NEO2022 of the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe for "SMILE-4-VIP" - a program to protect visually impaired people from phishing


Bundespreis Verbraucherschutz 2022 materials to protect from fraudulant messages, to protect user accounts by means of secure passwords and to protect privacy in social networks


Digital Autonomy Award 2022 for the Privacy Friendly Apps to honor their contribution to increase the digital autonomy of users.


"Helping John to Make Informed Decisions on Using Social Login“ by Farzaneh Karegar, Nina Gerber, Melanie Volkamer and Simone Fischer-Hübner


Security Proofs for Participation Privacy, Receipt-Freeness and Ballot Privacy for the Helios Voting Scheme Bulletin Board for the Helios Voting Scheme


Spot the phish by checking the pruned URL


Contextualized Web warning, and how they cause distrust


Informatische Modellierung der Prinzipien des gesetzlichen Gestaltungsspielraumes im Hinblick auf Wahlsysteme


Random Block Verification: Improving the Norwegian Electoral Mix Net


Formal Treatment of Distributed Trust in Electronic Voting