Mattia Mossano, M.Sc. M.A.

Mattia Mossano, M.Sc. M.A.


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Curriculum vitae

Mattia Mossano has been working at SECUSO as a research assistant since December 2019. Before KIT, he completed his Master in Cognitive Science at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh. His thesis dealt with the study of general advice against phishing attacks found on various public websites. He also wrote a Master thesis in Philosophy at the University of Genoa, criticizing the use of evolutionary algorithms to generate general AIs.

Research interests

  • Anti-phishing training
  • User awareness material
  • URL readability enhancement
  • Accessible cybersecurity


  • Organiser SECUSO Research Seminar
  • WiSe: Praktikum "Security, Usability and Society"
  • SoSe: Praktikum "Security, Usability and Society"
  • Organiser SECUSO Research Seminar
  • SoSe: Praktikum "Security, Usability and Society"


Bachelor Thesis
  • Rozalina Doneva (supervised by Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer, Prof. Dr. Jörn Müller-Quade and Mattia Mossano): Development and Evaluation of Interventions to Motivate Users to Take Security Protection Measures (May 2020)

Scientific Services

Reviewing activities

  • EuroUSEC 2020


Analysis of publicly available anti-phishing webpages: contradicting information, lack of concrete advice and very narrow attack vector
European Workshop on Usable Security - Online
7th September 2020


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Reporting on insights gained into UK citizens’ perceptions of contactless card risks.
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Analysis of publicly available anti-phishing webpages: contradicting information, lack of concrete advice and very narrow attack vector.
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2020. IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy 2020, (EuroS&PW) - The 5th European Workshop on Usable Security, September 7, 2020, Online (ursprünglich: June 15, 2020, Genova, Italy), 130–139, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/EuroSPW51379.2020.00026
An investigation of phishing awareness and education over time: When and how to best remind users.
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