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Monday, 24 Aug 2020
ARES 2020
Tuesday, 06 Oct 2020
Fifth International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting
Friday, 23 Oct 2020
AIK Symposium Cybersicherheit

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Thursday, 13 Feb 2020
Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020
Saturday, 25 Apr 2020
CHI 2020

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Karlsruher IT-Sicherheitsinitiative

SECUSO for citizens / for KMU

General advice: Here we present you all relevant results of our studies. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. If you want to get informed about our newest results, feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

On this page, you will find an overview for

  • Materials and tools that help you to protect yourself from attacks in multiple ways. These materials were evaluated for usability and comprehensibility. We proved that users were able to improve significantly in protecting themselves. Some of these materials/tools are recommended by “the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik” (BSI) (i.e. TORPEDO, and NoPhish App).
  • Privacyfriendly apps: Android apps for the daily needs that just ask for the minimum permission needed to run it, without showing you any ads. The best part, it is completely free.
  • ACCESS for administrators, developers and decision makers: This is an online platform that supports you in the selection of your context optimized authentication process.


Materials and Tools


We provide you a sample of flyers for all kind of subjects, free for you to download. These flyers contain the most important information about the following subjects:

  • Fraudulent messages – How to Recognize Fraudulent Messages, and Especially Phishing Messages: Flyer, Poster, and Infocard
  • PIN Management – How you can easily memorize PINs: Flyer


5 minutes – Explanation video

Together with Alexander Lehmann, we created a five-minute long video, containing the most important information about fraudulent messages with dangerous links:

  • You can watch the video on YouTube.
  • For more information on fraudulent messages, visit our Results page.



You can download add-ons for your web browser and the email client Thunderbird from the respective stores. These add-ons support you in identifying attacks.


Privacy-Friendly Apps

Privacy-friendly apps for your android device only asks for permissions that are necessary for the functionality. No tracking mechanisms are used, that means no data will be gathered and no ads! Each privacy-friendly app can be installed without concerns about privacy violations. The source code of each privacy-friendly app can be looked at, at the website software development platform GitHub. This gives the user the opportunity to check if the stated properties are really part of the app. Today we have apps for all kinds for your daily life: fitness, health, diverse tools like a shopping app, a lot of games and apps with IT-security focus. Here you can find an overview of our apps.

Please note: We are also interested to provide our apps for iOS. Sadly we still have not the resources to do so.


Authentication ChoiCE Support System (ACCESS)

ACCESS is an online platform for administrators, developers and decision makers that supports the selection of appropriate authentication processes. You describe the context of the authentication process, and ACCESS matches the information with the properties of a multitude of authentication processes in the ACCESS knowledge database to give you the most appropriate authentication process regarding your context.