Privacy Friendly Net Monitor App

Privacy Friendly Net Monitor shows active network activity of installed apps. So you have the possibility to find out which of your installed applications communicate with the network or Internet.

The connection information includes local and remote socket information along with resolved hostnames and a protocol evaluation based on well-known ports. Known unencrypted and encrypted protocols are automatically marked. A detailed mode offers additional technical information of the connections.

Server validation is an automatic analysis of the remote servers TLS implementation. Remote servers with a resolved hostname are tested automatically when the connection protocol is known for using TLS encryption. The analysis is performed by SSL Labs API (more info: and the associated service. The remote server's implementation quality is shown in grades A+ (best) to F (worst), or is displayed as T (trust issues). To perform the validation Net Monitor connects to Qualys SSL Labs via the Internet. If you do not want this connection, please deactivate server validation in the settings.

In the following points the Privacy Friendly Net Monitor differs from other similar apps:

  1. Minimal amount of permissions
    Privacy Friendly Net Monitor does not require any permission for scanning active connections. The Certificate Validation feature requires the Internet permission to request server test results from Qualys SSL Labs API. In case you do not want a connection to Qualys SSL Labs, please deactivate server validation in the settings.
  2. No advertisement
    Many other free apps in the Google Play Store dazzle annoying advertising which also shortens battery life.
  3. No rooted device required
    Most of apps with a similar functionality require a so called "rooted" device. This means that extended user rights are activated on the device. This activation results in a loss of warranty. Privacy Friendly Net Monitor does not require a rooted device.


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The maintenance of this app has been discontinued. If you are interested in the development of apps or the source code, you can find it at GitHub.