Privacy Friendly To-Do ListApp

The Privacy Friendly To-Do List can be used to keep outstanding tasks in mind and organize a personal schedule. This application allows to create lists of tasks which can be individually managed. Each list contains a set of tasks. Each task can have a deadline, a reminder time and a list of subtasks. By setting a reminder time the user will be informed by a notification. It is possible to display all tasks in a calendar, to protect the app with a secret pin and to sort and prioritize tasks within a list. Colors indicate the urgency of a task (taking the deadline into account).

The Privacy Friendly To-Do List offers the following features:

  • PIN protection
    Open the Settings menu to setup a PIN protection for your application. The PIN needs to be a number with 4 digits. You are asked for it every time you start the application / start the main view.
  • Reminder
    You can set a reminder to your tasks that will notify you if a deadline is approaching. Settings provide you the possibility to enable a notification sound.
  • Widget
    In addition, this app provides a widget that you can add to your device’s home screen. The widget presents you tasks that belong to a chosen list. Clicking on a task or its checkbox leads to the main view of Privacy Friendly To-Do List. The synchronize button can update the displayed tasks inside the widget.
  • Progress by subtasks
    By default, progress can be chosen freely by the user when creating or editing a task. To-Do List gives the opportunity to automatically compute and show the progress of a task dependent on its done subtasks. Therefore go to Settings and enable Progress by subtasks.


Our Privacy Friendly App differs from other applications with respect to two aspects:

  1. No permissions
    The Privacy Friendly To-Do List App does not use permissions.
  2. No advertisements
    Many other free apps in the Google Play Store dazzle annoying advertising which also shortens battery life.


Download the App

We offer several ways to download the app:

  • Google Playstore (Feel free to provide feedback, see contact. We would be pleased to receive a positive rating if you like the app).
  • F-Droid Store (The F-Droid Store is an open source software store where you can download the APK-file of the app. Apps installed that way won't receive any updates, unless you regularly download the newest version from the F-Droid website or use the official F-Droid Store App).
  • If you are interested in the development of apps or the source code, you can find it on Github.