Privacy Friendly Werewolf App

The maintenance of this app has been discontinued. No further updates are planned.

The Privacy Friendly Werewolf-app is an open source implementation of the famous Werewolf card game. You can play it with your friends inside a WiFi network, so that everyone can use their own phone.

Play in the role of innocent citizen, a deadly werewolf, a magical witch or a mystical seer. The game master phone, with own voice output, will guide you through the different phases of the game, where you can play out different actions, according to your role. Witches can use healing or poison potions, seers can see the roles of other people, and of course there is the big voting, where the fate of one player is decided. In the end, it is your skill which decides who is going to win - werewolves or citizens!

How to play Werewolf with our app:

  1. Game preparation
    One smartphone takes the role of the game master device. To open a new game session as, click the "New Game" button in the main menu of game master device. An IP-address is shown, which should be used by others to connect to the game master device.
    In the game, the game master device the voice output as well as the settings are managed by the game master device. In addition it has a special button on the bottom right corner to initiate new game phases. Some phases start automatically, some have to be initiated by the the player that uses the game master device. The buttons becomes active, if an intervention is necessary.
    Others smartphones can connect to a game session via the button "Join Game". You have to enter your playername and the IP-address of the game master device and a connection will be established. If a connection is successful, a waiting screen is shown. After the host starts the game, a game field is rendered and the game can be started.
  2. Game Phases
    A round of a game is split in up to 6 different phases:
    • Game start: At the the start of the game the game field is rendered. Here players can see their own role by clicking on the green playercard.
    • Werewolf phase: The nights cycle starts and the players close their eyes. All werewolf players get a dialog with player names shown on the smartphone. By clicking one of them, you send a vote to kill this player. After all votes are received the next phase will be initiated automatically.
    • Witch phase (optional): The witch player gets the information, which player got killed by the werewolves and can decide, if he wants so save him with the healing potion. In addition, he can use his poison potion to kill another player as well. After deciding this phase ends automatically.
    • Seer phase (optional): The seer player is able to see the role of another player by clicking on this player’s card. The role of the player will be shown in a small textpopup.
    • Day Phase: In the day phase, all players wake up and open their eyes. First, it is shown which player did not survive the night. This player is now grey on the player field. The following voting of the all players is initiated by the game master device.
    • Day Voting: All players receive a dialog, which shows all remaining players ingame. They can now discuss and decide which player has to die. After this voting, the game checks if the werewolves or the citizens have won.


In the following points the Privacy Friendly Werewolf-app differ from other similar apps:

  1. Minimal amount of permissions 
    Privacy Friendly Werewolf requires the WiFi and network permission to look for other devices and establish a connection to them.
  2. No advertisement
    Many other free apps in the Google Play Store dazzle annoying advertising which also shortens battery life.


Download the App 

The maintenance of this app has been discontinued. If you are interested in the development of apps or the source code, you can find it at Github.